Unique Baby Names

Baby Boy Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Benoni Hebrew Male Son of my sorrows
Benoyce Arthurian Legend Male Name of a kingdom
Benroy Hebrew Male Son of a lion
Benson Hebrew Male Son of Benjamin
Benson English Male Variant of Benedict.
Bentleah English Male From the bent grass meado...
Bentleigh English Male From the bent grass meado...
Bentley English Male From the bent grass meado...
Benton English Male Settlement in a grassy pl...
Benwick Anglo-Saxon Male From Ban
Benzion Hebrew Male Son of Zion
Beolagh Irish Male Foolish
Beomann English Male Beekeeper
Beore English Male Birch tree
Beorht English Male Glorious
Beorhthram English Male Bright raven
Beorhthramm English Male Glorious raven
Beorhttun English Male From the fortified town
Beorn Anglo-Saxon Male Warrior
Beornet English Male Leader
Beornham English Male From the nobleman's home
Beornwulf Anglo-Saxon Male Name of a king
Beowulf Anglo-Saxon Male Intelligent wolf
Ber German Male Bear
Berakhiah Hebrew Male God blesses
Berchtwald German Male Bright ruler
Bercilak Arthurian Legend Male The Green Knight
Bercleah English Male Lives at the birch tree m...
Berdy German Male Intelligent
Berend German Male Brave as a bear
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