Unique Baby Names

Baby Boy Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Mador Arthurian Legend Male Accuser of Guinevere
Mads Hebrew Male Gift from God
Maduley Irish Male Son of Olaf
MaeAdam Scottish Male Son of Adam
Maed English Male From the meadow
Maeleachlainn Irish Male Servant
Maelisa Irish Male Serves Christ
Maelwine English Male Strong friend
Maeret English Male Little famous one
Maerewine English Male Famous friend
Maethelwine English Male Council friend
Maetthere English Male Powerful army
Magan Anglo-Saxon Male Competent
Magee Irish Male Surname.
Mago Irish Male Great
Maheloas Arthurian Legend Male Lord of the Isle of Glass
Maher Irish Male Generous
Mahieu French Male Gift of God
Mahir Arabic Male Skilled
Mahkah Native American Male Earth (Sioux)
Mahmoud Arabic Male Variant used for Mohammad...
Mahmud Arabic Male Praised
Mahon Irish Male Bear
Mahoney Irish Male Surname.
Mahpee Native American Male Sky (Sioux)
Mai Hebrew Male Ron
Maichail Hebrew Male Gift from God
Mailhairer French Male Ill fated
Mainchin Irish Male Monk
Maitland English Male From the meadow
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