Unique Baby Names

Baby Boy Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Naal Irish Male Name of a saint
Naalnish Native American Male He works (Navajo)
Naalyehe ya sidahi Native American Male Trader (Navajo)
Naaman Hebrew Male Pleasant
Nab Scottish Male Abbot
Nabi Ulmalhamsh Arabic Male Prophet of war
Nabil Arabic Male Noble
Nachman Hebrew Male Compassionate
Nachton Scottish Male Pure
Nadav Hebrew Male Gives
Nadim Arabic Male Friend
Nadir Arabic Male Dearly loved
Nadiv Hebrew Male Noble
Naftali Hebrew Male Wreath
Naftalie Hebrew Male Wreath
Nahcomence Native American Male Oldbark antelope (Cheyenn...
Nahele Native American Male Forest
Nahiossi Native American Male Has three fingers (Cheyen...
Nahum Hebrew Male Compassionate
Nairne Scottish Male From the alder - tree riv...
Najjar Arabic Male Carpenter
Naldo Spanish Male Strong
Nally Irish Male Poor
Nancie English Male Variant of Anne favor; gr...
Nann French Male Variant of Anne favor; gr...
Nantres Arthurian Legend Male Name of a king
Naois Celtic Male Mythical warrior
Naomhan Irish Male Holy
Napayshni Native American Male Strong or courageous (Sio...
Napier English Male In charge of royal linens
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