Unique Baby Names

Baby Boy Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
T'iis Native American Male Cottonwood (Navajo)
Taaveti Hebrew Male Dearly loved
Taavi Hebrew Male Dearly loved
Tab English Male Drummer; Abbreviation of ...
Tab German Male Brilliant
Tab Hebrew Male Abbreviation of Tabor. Th...
Tabbart German Male Brilliant
Taber Irish Male Well
Tabor Spanish Male Plays a small drum
Tabor Hebrew Male In the bible Mt. Tabor is...
Tad English Male Abbreviation of Thaddeus ...
Tadd English Male Abbreviation of Thaddeus ...
Tadeo Spanish Male Praise
Tadhg Celtic Male Mythical a prince of Muns...
Tadhg Irish Male Bard
Tadleigh Irish Male Bard
Tag Irish Male Handsome. Variant of Teag...
Tahbert German Male Brilliant
Tahkeome Native American Male Little robe (Cheyenne)
Tahmelapachme Native American Male Dull knife (Cheyenne)
Tahu Arabic Male Pure
Tahurer English Male Drummer
Taicligh Irish Male Peaceful
Taillefer French Male Works in iron
Taima Native American Male Thunder
Tait Irish Male Measure of land. Surname.
Tait English Male Cheerful
Tajo Spanish Male Day
Takoda Native American Male Friend to everyone (Sioux...
Tal English Male Tall
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