Unique Baby Names

Baby Girl Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
A'ishah Arabic Female Lively
Abaigael Hebrew Female Gives joy
Abaigeal Hebrew Female Gives joy
Abarrane Hebrew Female Feminine form of Abraham ...
Abbey Hebrew Female My father rejoices. Bibli...
Abbie Hebrew Female Gives joy; My father rejo...
Abby Hebrew Female My father rejoices. Bibli...
Abedabun Native American Female Sight of day (Chippewa)
Abegayle Hebrew Female Gives joy
Abella French Female Breath
Abequa Native American Female Stays at home (Chippewa)
Abeque Native American Female Stays at home (Chippewa)
Abhy Hebrew Female Gives joy
Abia Arabic Female Great
Abiageal Irish Female Irish form of Abigail bri...
Abichail Hebrew Female Gives joy
Abigail Hebrew Female Gives joy: My father rej...
Abir Arabic Female Fragrant
Abra Arabic Female Lesson
Abra Hebrew Female Mother of many
Abril Spanish Female The month April; symboliz...
Acacia Spanish Female Honorable. Biblical; acac...
Acca Anglo-Saxon Female From Acca
Aceline French Female Noble
Acheflow Arthurian Legend Female White flower
Ada English Female Wealthy
Ada German Female Joyful
Ada Hebrew Female Ornament.
Adah Hebrew Female Beautiful. Ornament.
Adair Scottish Female From the oak tree ford.
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