Unique Baby Names

Baby Girl Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Fleta English Female Swift
Fleur French Female Flower
Fleurette French Female Little flower
Flo Native American Female Arrow
Flor Spanish Female Flower. Blooming
Florence English Female Flowering.
Florencia Spanish Female Flowering. Blooming
Florentina Spanish Female Blooming
Floressa French Female Flower.
Floretta French Female Flower.
Flori French Female Flower.
Floria French Female Flower.
Floriana French Female Flower.
Florida French Female Flower.
Florida Spanish Female Blooming
Florinda French Female Flower.
Florinia Spanish Female Blooming
Florita Spanish Female Flower.
Florrie French Female Flower.
Flyta English Female Swift
Fonda English Female Tender
Fonda Spanish Female Profound
Fontanne French Female Fountain; spring.
Forba Scottish Female Headstrong
Forbia Scottish Female Headstrong
Fortuna Spanish Female Lucky
France English Female Modern variants of France...
France French Female From France
Francena French Female Variant of Frances meanin...
Francene French Female Variant of Frances meanin...
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