Unique Baby Names

Baby Girl Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Pabla Spanish Female Little
Paciencia Spanish Female Patient
Padraigin Irish Female Noble
Page French Female Attendant
Paige French Female Attendant
Paili Hebrew Female Bitter
Pakwa Native American Female Frog (Hopi)
Palba Spanish Female Blond
Pall Hebrew Female Bitter
Palmira Spanish Female From the city of palms
Paloma Spanish Female Dove
Pamuy Native American Female Water moon (Hopi)
Pansy French Female Flower
Paquita Spanish Female Free
Parnella French Female Rock
Pascala French Female Born at Easter
Pascale French Female Born at Easter
Pascaline French Female Born at Easter
Pasclina French Female Born at Easter
Pastora Spanish Female Shepherdess
Patience French Female Enduring
Patrice French Female Noble
Patricia Spanish Female Noble
Paulita Spanish Female Little
Pauwau Native American Female Witch (Algonquin)
Pavati Native American Female Clear water (Hopi)
Pax English Female Peaceful
Paz Hebrew Female Golden
Paz Spanish Female Peace
Paza Hebrew Female Golden
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