Unique Baby Names

Baby Boy Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Bac Scottish Male Bank
Backstere English Male Baker
Baecere Anglo-Saxon Male Baker
Baen Scottish Male Fair skinned
Baerhloew English Male Ruler or lives on the bar...
Baethan Irish Male Foolish
Bagdemagus Arthurian Legend Male Father of Meleagant
Baghel Arabic Male Ox
Bahir Arabic Male Sparkling
Baigh Scottish Male From the upper part
Bailey English Male Steward or public officia...
Bailey French Male Steward or public officia...
Bailintin Irish Male Valiant
BaIloch Scottish Male From the pasture
Bainbridge English Male Lives near the bridge ove...
Bainbrydge English Male Lives near the bridge ove...
Baird Scottish Male From Baird
Baird Celtic Male Bard
Baird English Male Minstrel; a singer-poet.
Baird Irish Male Bard
Bairrfhionn Celtic Male Marksman
Bairrfhoinn Irish Male Handsome
Baker English Male Baker
Baldemar German Male Princely
Balder English Male Bold army
Baldhere English Male Bold army
Baldlice Anglo-Saxon Male Bold
Baldric German Male Bold
Baldrik German Male Bold
Balduin German Male Bold friend
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