Unique Baby Names

Baby Boy Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Knox English Male From the hills
Koby German Male Dark; dark-haired.
Koen German Male Honest advisor
Koenraad German Male Honest advisor
Kohana Native American Male Swift (Sioux)
Kohkahycumest Native American Male White crow or white antel...
Kolby German Male Dark; dark-haired.
Kolichiyaw Native American Male Skunk (Hopi)
Kolt German Male Coal town.
Kolten German Male Coal town.
Koltin German Male Coal town.
Kolton German Male Coal town.
Konni German Male Honest advisor
Konrad German Male Bold adviser.
Korbin English Male Raven-haired.
Kord English Male Cordmaker. Surname.
Kord German Male Honest advisor
Kordale English Male Cordmaker. Surname.
Kordell English Male Cordmaker. Surname.
Korrigan English Male Spearman. Surname.
Kort German Male Form of Cort.
Kosumi Native American Male Fishes for salmon with sp...
Kotori Native American Male Screech owl spirit (Hopi)
Krystine English Male Variant of Christine. Chr...
Kuckunniwi Native American Male Little wolf (Cheyenne)
Kuhlbert German Male Calm or bright
Kulbart German Male Calm or bright
Kulbert German Male Calm or bright
Kuno German Male Honest advisor
Kunsgnos Celtic Male Wise
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