Unique Baby Names

Baby Boy Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Pablo Spanish Male Little. Form of Paul.
Pacho Spanish Male Free
Pachu'a Native American Male Feathered water snake (Ho...
Paco Native American Male Eagle
Paco Spanish Male Free
Pacorro Spanish Male Free
Paden Scottish Male Royal
Padgett French Male Attendant
Padraic Irish Male Patrician; noble. Form of...
Padraig Irish Male Noble
Padriac Irish Male Noble
Padric Irish Male Patrician; noble. Form of...
Padruig Scottish Male Royal
Paegastun English Male From the fighter's farm
Paella English Male Mantle
Page French Male Attendant
Page Anglo-Saxon Male Page
Paget French Male Attendant
Pahana Native American Male Lost white brother (Hopi)
Paien French Male Name of a nobleman
Paige Anglo-Saxon Male Page
Paige French Male Attendant
Paine English Male Pagan
Palamedes Arthurian Legend Male A knight
Palban Spanish Male Blond
Palben Spanish Male Blond
Pallaton Native American Male Warrior
Palmer English Male Bearing a palm branch.
Palmere English Male Pilgrim
Palomydes Arthurian Legend Male A knight
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