Unique Baby Names

Baby Girl Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Alodia Anglo-Saxon Female Rich
Alodie Anglo-Saxon Female Rich
Aloise Spanish Female Famous in battle. Feminin...
Aloisia German Female Famous fighting
Alona Spanish Female Light
Alona Irish Female Dear child.
Alona Hebrew Female Strong as an oak
Alondra Spanish Female Variant of Alexandra def...
Alonna Irish Female Dear child.
Alonsa Spanish Female Ready or noble
Alonsa German Female Eager
Aloysia German Female Famous fighting
Alphonsine German Female Noble
Alpina Scottish Female Blond
Alsatia French Female From Alsace - a region in...
Alsatia English Female From Alsace - a region in...
Alsoomse Native American Female Independent (Algonquin)
Alta Spanish Female High. Abbreviation of Alt...
Altagracia Spanish Female High. Abbreviation of Alt...
Altair Arabic Female Bird
Altaira Arabic Female Bird. High-flying. In ast...
Altha English Female Healer
Altheda English Female Healer
Althia English Female Healer
Alula Arabic Female First born
Aluma Hebrew Female Girl
Alumit Hebrew Female Girl
Alura English Female Divine counselor
Alurea English Female Divine counselor
Alva Hebrew Female Sublime.
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