Unique Baby Names

Baby Girl Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Alice English Female Of the nobility. Variant ...
Alice Celtic Female Noble
Alice German Female Sweet
Alicia Spanish Female Spanish form of Alice hon...
Alicia German Female Sweet
Alida German Female Archaic
Alima Arabic Female Knows dance and music; se...
Alina Irish Female Beautiful
Alina Celtic Female Fair
Aline Celtic Female Fair; good-looking. Femin...
Alisa Spanish Female Of the nobility.
Alisanne English Female Variation of Alice.
Alisanne French Female Variation of Alice.
Alise Spanish Female Of the nobility.
Alison German Female Sweet
Alison Irish Female Honest
Alison Scottish Female Scottish form of Louise b...
Alissa English Female Variant of Alice.
Alisse English Female Variant of Alice.
Alisz German Female Sweet
Alita French Female Winged
Alita Spanish Female Noble. Form of Adelita.
Alita English Female Winged
Alitza Hebrew Female Joyous
Alix French Female Variation of Alexander. D...
Alixandra French Female Defender of mankind. Femi...
AlIyn Irish Female Beautiful
Aliz German Female Sweet
Aliza Hebrew Female Joy. Joyful.
Alizah Hebrew Female Joy. Joyful.
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