Unique Baby Names

Baby Girl Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Eastre English Female Born at Easter
Eathelin English Female Noble waterfall
Eathellreda English Female Noble maiden
Eathelyn English Female Noble waterfall
Eavan Irish Female Fair
Ebba English Female Flowing tide
Ebba German Female Strength
Eda English Female Wealthy. Spoils of war.
Eda Anglo-Saxon Female Wealthy
Edan Hebrew Female Perfect
Edana Irish Female Feminine form of Aidan fi...
Edana Celtic Female Passionate
Edda German Female Pleasant. Strives. Varian...
Ede English Female Wealthy
Edee English Female Spoils of war.
Edeen Scottish Female From Edinburgh
Edelina English Female Spoils of war.
Edelina German Female Gracious
Edeline German Female Gracious
Eden Hebrew Female Perfect; Pleasure. The ga...
Edenia Spanish Female Pleasure. From the Hebrew...
Edie English Female Spoils of war.
Ediline German Female Gracious
Edina English Female Wealthy friend
Edina Anglo-Saxon Female Wealthy
Edina Scottish Female From Edinburgh
Edine Scottish Female From Edinburgh
Edit Anglo-Saxon Female Joyous
Edita Spanish Female Spoils of war.
Edita Anglo-Saxon Female Joyous
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