Unique Baby Names

Baby Girl Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Ahelie Hebrew Female Breath
Ahuda Hebrew Female Dearly loved
Ahuva Hebrew Female Dearly loved
Aida English Female Wealthy
Aida French Female Help
Aida Spanish Female Help
Aidan Irish Female Little fire
Aideen Irish Female Little fire
Aidia Spanish Female Help
Aife Celtic Female A great warrior woman of ...
Aifric Irish Female Pleasant
Aiglentina French Female Sweetbrier rose
Aiglentine French Female Sweetbrier rose
Aigneis Celtic Female Pure
Aigneis Irish Female Pure
Aila Scottish Female From the strong place
Ailat Hebrew Female Behind
Aileana Scottish Female From the green meadow
Aileen Scottish Female From the green meadow. Va...
Aileen Irish Female Light. Variant of Evelyn...
Aileene Irish Female Variant of Evelyn.
Aileene Scottish Female Variant of Evelyn.
Ailey Irish Female Light
Aili German Female Sweet
Aili Irish Female Light
Ailia Irish Female Light
Ailidh Celtic Female Kind
Ailis Celtic Female Noble
Ailis German Female Sweet
Ailis Irish Female Noble or honest
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