Unique Baby Names

Baby Girl Names

Baby Name Origin Gender Meaning
Ailisa Irish Female Noble
Ailise Irish Female Noble
AIlison Irish Female Honest
Ailsa Hebrew Female Devoted to God
Ailse German Female Sweet
Ailsie Hebrew Female Devoted to God
Aimee French Female Dearly loved Variant of ...
Aina Celtic Female Joy
Aine Celtic Female Fire or joy
Aine Irish Female Ardent
Aingeal Celtic Female Angel
Aingeal Irish Female Angel
Aintzane Spanish Female Glorious
Airic Celtic Female Agreeable
Airleas Irish Female Oath
Aisha Arabic Female Lively: Woman. Life. Aish...
Aishah Arabic Female Woman. Life. Aisha was th...
Aisley English Female From the ash tree grove
Aisley Anglo-Saxon Female Dwells at the ash tree me...
Aislin Irish Female Vision
Aisling Irish Female Vision
Aislinn Irish Female Vision
Aisly Anglo-Saxon Female Dwells at the ash tree me...
Aithne Celtic Female Fire
Aiya Hebrew Female Bird
Aiyana Native American Female Eternal blossom
Akibe Hebrew Female Protected
Akiha Hebrew Female Protected
Akilah Arabic Female Wise; Bright; smart.
Akira Scottish Female Anchor
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